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5 ways we make our motorcycle hire genuinely affordable

Darren Salter - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

It's understandable that you may have heard a lot of hyped claims made by companies like ours, claiming to offer affordable motorcycle hire that all too frequently turns out to be anything but.

So, what do we do here at South East Motorcycle Hire to save you those pennies and pounds when you hire a motorbike from us? 

1. We can pick you up for free

While we are, in any case, located conveniently enough for almost anyone in Kent, Surrey or beyond to easily reach us, we can make your journey to our site even easier at no extra cost by picking you up from Lingfield train station.

2. We give you free insurance

Yes, you heard that correctly. European insurance and breakdown cover with unlimited mileage are included for nothing when you hire a bike from us, so you won't have to worry about being suitably protected.

3. We offer affordable accessories for rent

On the subject of protection, you'll obviously save the most money if you already have the essentials necessary to use and make the most of your hired bike - the helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and so on. But if you don't, there's no reason to fret, as all of these accessories - and more, such as a rucksack, tank bag, rear seat bag and even satnav - can all be hired from us for reasonable prices.

4. We operate a great-value ridesharing scheme

If several of you are embarking on an ambitious trip and are eager to minimise the expense, you might be interested to know that our acclaimed ridesharing scheme enables you to rent multiple bikes within a group and ride any of them at no additional cost.

5. We discount the cost of longer-term hire

The longer you hire a bike with us for, the less you will be effectively paying on a day-by-day basis. The Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200, for instance, is available for £125 a day from Monday to Friday, but each extra day only costs you £100. However, the even better news is that if you would like to rent the bike for the whole five days of the working week, you'll only be charged £400 in total - the equivalent of £80 a day.

Indulging your passion for all things motorcycles doesn't have to push you into the red! Instead, call the South East Motorcycle Hire team today by calling 01342 775008, to take advantage of truly affordable motorcycle hire.