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5 ways we make our motorcycle hire genuinely affordable

Darren Salter - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

It's understandable that you may have heard a lot of hyped claims made by companies like ours, claiming to offer affordable motorcycle hire that all too frequently turns out to be anything but.

So, what do we do here at South East Motorcycle Hire to save you those pennies and pounds when you hire a motorbike from us? 

1. We can pick you up for free

While we are, in any case, located conveniently enough for almost anyone in Kent, Surrey or beyond to easily reach us, we can make your journey to our site even easier at no extra cost by picking you up from Lingfield train station.

2. We give you free insurance

Yes, you heard that correctly. European insurance and breakdown cover with unlimited mileage are included for nothing when you hire a bike from us, so you won't have to worry about being suitably protected.

3. We offer affordable accessories for rent

On the subject of protection, you'll obviously save the most money if you already have the essentials necessary to use and make the most of your hired bike - the helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and so on. But if you don't, there's no reason to fret, as all of these accessories - and more, such as a rucksack, tank bag, rear seat bag and even satnav - can all be hired from us for reasonable prices.

4. We operate a great-value ridesharing scheme

If several of you are embarking on an ambitious trip and are eager to minimise the expense, you might be interested to know that our acclaimed ridesharing scheme enables you to rent multiple bikes within a group and ride any of them at no additional cost.

5. We discount the cost of longer-term hire

The longer you hire a bike with us for, the less you will be effectively paying on a day-by-day basis. The Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200, for instance, is available for £125 a day from Monday to Friday, but each extra day only costs you £100. However, the even better news is that if you would like to rent the bike for the whole five days of the working week, you'll only be charged £400 in total - the equivalent of £80 a day.

Indulging your passion for all things motorcycles doesn't have to push you into the red! Instead, call the South East Motorcycle Hire team today by calling 01342 775008, to take advantage of truly affordable motorcycle hire.




Don’t overlook these 5 incredible European biking roads

Darren Salter - Monday, January 29, 2018

If you’re at least as ‘motorcycle mad’ as we are here at South East Motorcycle Hire, you will have no doubt fantasised about taking on the challenge of many of Europe’s most thrilling and interesting motorcycling roads. 

So, when you next take advantage of well-priced motorcycle hire in the UK from us, why not head towards the continent and give any or more of the following legendary roads a go – some of them better-known than others?

1.Transfăgărășan Highway, Romania 

The debate may continue to rage as to whether this north-to-south 90km stretch of twists and turns is the very best motorbike road in Europe, but it’s certainly the most dramatic motorcycling experience you will find in Romania.

Connecting the historic regions of Transylvania and Wallachia and the cities of Pitesti and Brasov, this road crossing the tallest sections of the Southern Carpathians is sure to live long in the memory.

 2.L83 from Bühlertal to Raumünzach, Germany

The Black Forest certainly has its unsung gems, and while the nearby B500 is the best-known motorcycling road in this part of the country, this fast 16km stretch shouldn’t be ignored – not least because it allows you to say goodbye to the tourist throngs and speed cameras for a while.

You can discover it by riding the L83 out of Bühlertal and climbing the hillside to the east. Once you have completed the ascent, you’ll be treated to a smooth and quick eastward road that takes you past an artificial lake and the Black Castle dam.

3. Stelvio Pass, Italy

The basic facts and statistics about the Stelvio Pass – including its 2,757m height that renders it the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, as well as the 48 hairpin turns on its northern side and the 12 on the southern side – will make you more than a little curious about trying it out.

You should be curious, too, given the gorgeous stretches of Alpine scenery that you get to experience even before reaching the foot of the pass itself, with its turns marked by numbered stones. That means you can even count your way to the top, but be sure to keep at least one eye on the road!

 4. GI-682 between Lloret de Mar and Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

Head along the coast out of Lloret de Mar to take on one of the most sinuous ribbons of tarmac you can expect to find anywhere on the continent.

There’s certainly a nice level of challenge and variety provided by the combination of flowing corners and tighter, more technical bends and hairpins. Be careful though, as there are significant sections of this road where only a piece of Armco barrier separates you from the sea below.

 5.N338, Serra da Estrela, Portugal 

This one’s got such strong racetrack credentials that it even sports the characteristic red-and-white hashing. The surfaces are at their best to the west, but get choppier closer to the summit.

Not that the latter is necessarily a bad thing anyway, as by that point, you’ll be slowing down to marvel at the jaw-dropping panoramas over the Serra da Estrella National Park. All in all, it’s a smooth and sublime nine kilometres of rewarding road, albeit at an astounding 1,993-metre altitude that’ll temporarily rob your bike of a quarter of its power. 

There you have it – just five selections that’ll hopefully inspire many a European biking trip for you. What more excuse could you need to get in touch with us here at South East Motorcycle Hire about our surprisingly affordable motorcycle hire in the UK – and beyond?








The Ducati Multistrada 1200S: the ideal bike for British roads?

Darren Salter - Thursday, January 25, 2018

When it comes to UK motorbike hire, here at South East Motorcycle Hire, we don’t think there are too many better options than the Ducati Multistrada 1200S. 

You might reckon we’re just saying that because it happens to be one of the many motorcycles you can rent from us – for just £150 a day, Monday to Friday – but we really do mean it.

Do excuse us for being unpatriotic for a second...

You see, we’re not under any illusions that a lot of British roads are in a less-than-perfect state. In many ways, the best bike for the conditions is therefore surely one that can be multiple things at once: as swift as a superbike, while offering tourer-esque levels of comfort.

Such a thing might not have been thought possible before the debut of the original Multistrada 1200 back in 2010. With its distinctive combination of adventure bike aesthetics, sports bike performance, substantial suspension travel and multiple engine modes, it basically launched a motorcycling subcategory of its own.

But with rivals from the likes of BMW and KTM having emerged in recent years, it was no surprise that in 2015, Ducati decided to significantly overhaul the Multistrada 1200. 

So, what makes the 1200S so special?

As you might expect, the S is the higher-specification option for Multistrada 1200 buyers or renters, and it convincingly builds on the existing 1200’s strong reputation.

It does that in part by simply looking awesome – despite the introduction of new bodywork, the S remains very much recognisable as a Multistrada 1200, thanks to its beaky styling and upright riding position.

But the S also continues the original model’s association with the most sophisticated technology, as shown by the TFT screen that makes for an extremely comprehensive instrumentation unit. Not only can you configure it to show different screens, but it can also adjust itself in accordance with current lighting conditions or the selected riding mode.

Then, there’s simply the all-round riding experience, which has been enhanced by the Ducati Skyhook Suspension, representing an evolution from the 2012 model’s Skyhook semi-active and electronically-controlled system.

The biggest change from the previous 1200, though, is the engine. It incorporates a constantly variable valve timing system, known as Desmodromic Variable Timing (DVT), which makes a massive difference in various ways, such as by boosting high-rev power and smoothing out low-rev clatter. Fuel consumption and emissions have also been improved, thanks to the more constant combustion cycle throughout the rev range.

Experience the Multistrada 1200S for yourself – for less than you might think!

With all of these features and more to commend the Multistrada 1200S, you might fancy giving it a go... and the great news is that you can, with two of these bikes presently making up our fleet here at South East Motorcycle Hire.

Enquire today about renting a Ducati Multistrada 1200S from us, by calling 01342 775008. It may just turn out to be the best UK motorbike hire decision you make for the whole of 2018!




Why should you rent the Kawasaki Versys 650 GT?

Darren Salter - Tuesday, January 23, 2018

While we do specialise in affordable motorcycle hire here at South East Motorcycle Hire, we also realise that the appeal of our service would be much-diminished if we didn’t offer some seriously impressive machinery for you to hire. 

That’s precisely why we have assembled a range of motorcycles available for rent that includes the Kawasaki Versys 650 GT.

A formidable and versatile grand tourer

Many things have been said about the Kawasaki Versys 650 GT, or Grand Tourer. Kawasaki describes it as “difficult to explain and impossible to categorise”, although that doesn’t mean we won’t have a go anyway!

In truth, the Versys 650 is a great choice of bike to hire if you’re in need of a capable small-capacity sports tourer – something that’ll gobble up the miles without costing you the Earth, and which is a pleasure for smaller and less experienced riders.

The 650 GT’s combination of long-travel suspension, sporty 17” wheels and a slim, upright riding position helps to make it an invaluable all-rounder for whatever trip you have in mind. It’s as good at weaving between cars in the city as it is on an open mountain road, which is precisely why we were so eager to add it to our range of affordable motorcycle hire options.

You could, of course, purchase a Kawasaki Versys 650 GT rather than rent one, but with current prices for a new model starting at £8,449, that might not be within your financial reach right now. Alternatively, you might like the idea of simply hiring this model of bike for now, not least as it will enable you to ascertain whether an outright purchase is worthwhile.

Take advantage of truly affordable motorcycle hire from us

Hiring your Kawasaki Versys 650 GT through South East Motorcycle Hire is the perfect way to give yourself use of this desirable bike for less.

Prices start at just £90 a day plus a £750 deposit, if you book for any day from Monday to Friday. Each extra day will cost you £65, or you could have the bike for all five weekdays for a mere £300. The price for the weekend only is £250, but even if you would like to spend all week aboard the Versys 650 GT, you will only be charged £375.

We take great pride here at South East Motorcycle Hire in helping to make motorcycling dreams come true – and that can certainly be the case for you when you climb aboard the Kawasaki Versys 650 GT!

5 UK motorcycle routes that you simply must experience

Darren Salter - Monday, January 22, 2018

If there’s one big reason above all others to take advantage of motorcycle hire in the UK from a company like South East Motorcycle Hire, it is surely the chance to experience the two-wheeled thrills that our own finest biking roads here in the UK provide.

Here’s a quick rundown of five of our favourites that we reckon you just have to try out.

1. A537, Cat and Fiddle, Peak District

You surely can’t call yourself a thrill-seeking motorcyclist without taking the time to seek out this 11km strip of tarmac between Buxton and Macclesfield.

It’s admittedly quite a notorious road, with an unusually high death count meaning you can expect a 50mph speed limit and a strong police presence.

However, it still retains its appeal to new riders and hardened tourers alike – just be cautious on your first visit, as there are definitely some corners that can catch out the unprepared. Oh, and keep an eye out for the wandering sheep!

2. A39, Minehead to Barnstaple, Somerset/Devon

The A39 is one of the south west’s longest and most important roads, stretching from Bath to Falmouth. However, the best bit for bikers is surely the section between Minehead and Barnstaple.

This part starts out as a conventional A-road characterised by good visibility and sweeping turns, but it’s after you exit the village of Porlock that things become really interesting.

The ‘1 in 4’ Porlock Hill feels like it was practically designed for motorcyclists, and with a red sign beforehand advising caravan users to take the toll road to Lynmouth, you may have a gloriously clear road before you as well.

3. B1257, Stokesley to Helmsley

There can be few more enthralling ways for motorcyclists to discover the stunning vistas of the North York Moors than this road that locals have unofficially christened the ‘North Yorks TT’.

There are some great challenging bends to navigate here between two pretty villages, although the route’s reputation as an accident blackspot has also led to a noticeably heightened police presence in recent years, especially during the summer.

4. Pass of Cross, Dinas Mawddwy to Llanuwchllyn

North Wales’ highest public road has long been appreciated by avid motorcyclists, to such an extent that several manufacturers, including Triumph, have used it to test their hillclimbing machines.

It’s a mostly single-track road with a double hairpin at the foot of the hill, and can be easily handled by modern motorbikes, despite its peak height some 1,788 feet above sea level.

5. A2, Antrim coast road, Northern Ireland

You’ll struggle to find a more biker-friendly route anywhere in the UK than the 60-mile A2, which is rumoured to be where Joey Dunlop first broke-in his leathers.

One thing about the area that’s definitely true is that it’s where the North West 200 is held. So if you feel like you could have been a racer, you’re in the right place to put that claim to the test – just as long as you stay within the speed limit and don’t get too bold with your overtaking manoeuvres!  

We do hope we’ve whetted your appetite for some adventurous motorcycling with this quick list of great British biking roads – but of course, there are also many more fine routes across the UK that beg to be discovered.

For genuinely affordable and convenient motorcycle hire in the UK, you don’t need to look any further than South East Motorcycle Hire, which is situated just eight minutes from the M25. Call our team on 01342 775008 today to make the most of our competitive rental prices for a range of brilliant motorbikes and related accessories.







How can you make motorcycle hire more affordable?

Darren Salter - Friday, December 22, 2017

Let’s face it – there’s nothing quite like being able to climb aboard a motorbike and feel the sheer thrill that you might not have experienced for a while if you don’t presently own a motorcycle. That’s one reason why we provide affordable motorcycle hire here at South East Motorcycle Hire.

But is the motorbike hire option that you’re presently considering really that affordable? If you’re still comparing hire companies and price is a big factor for you, here are some of the things that we would urge you to think about.

What prices do they charge for bikes and equipment?

It might seem like obvious advice for us to simply say “look at how much a provider charges”, but it’s vital to consider a given company’s prices in light of what you’ll actually get for that money.

Obviously, you’ll want to be happy with the specific bike that you’re hiring, and we work hard to give our own customers a good range of options for affordable motorcycle hire, including in-demand models from the likes of Triumph, BMW, Suzuki and Fazer.

With any company, there can be subtle, but important differences in pricing between different bike models and for different hire periods, so you should pay attention to these when you want to ensure the best value. Those who wish to hire a Triumph Tiger 800 XC for a day during the week, for instance, can expect to be charged £90, but each extra day only costs them £70. Meanwhile, hiring this bike for the entire week only sets them back £400 – an average of just over £57 a day.

Take a close look at those extras

Aside from the bike itself, what else do you get for your money from your chosen motorcycle hire specialists?

We always try to throw in convenient and interesting extras here at South East Motorcycle Hire, including – for many of our bikes – free luggage. Rent any bike from us, and we’ll also give you free European insurance and breakdown cover.

If you’re still wondering how to maximise the value of your motorcycle hire, why not enquire about our ridesharing scheme? It allows you to rent multiple bikes within a group, and ride any of them at no extra charge.

Bring your own accessories and equipment

This is obviously an easier thing to do if you already possess many of those biking essentials – the requisite helmet, jacket, trousers, rucksack and so on – as an experienced motorcyclist. If you’re simply ‘between bikes’ at the moment and have these items lying around in the garage, be sure to make use of them for even more affordable motorcycle hire.

But if you don’t... don’t worry! It’s simply a case of choosing a motorbike hire firm that gives you the option of affordably renting these items for as long as you need them. With the likes of gloves, boots, tank bags and even satnavs available from us at great prices, we really don’t think you’ll need to look anywhere else!

Finally, bear in mind that we even give you the option of free pick-up from Lingfield train station, and can collect you from airports, train stations or ferry/channel ports across the South of England, subject to fees. How about that for a genuinely affordable motorcycle hire package?


Make us your go-to company for motorcycle hire in the UK

Darren Salter - Tuesday, December 19, 2017

There are so many reasons why, at any given time during your life, you might fancy hiring a motorcycle. You might be a biker without a bike, holding the necessary licence but not having the set of wheels to head off on that ambitious road trip. Or perhaps you’ve been considering buying a certain bike, and think that hiring it first might be a great way to sample it for longer than the few hours you were allowed to test it at the dealer?

We could go on and on, citing various reasons why people investigate motorcycle hire in the UK. You may have a particular weekend break, event or day out already in mind for your hired bike, or it may just be that renting a bike represents the most convenient, flexible and cost-effective way right now for you to enjoy the thrill and reward of motorcycling.

A truly ‘motorcycle mad’ hire business

Here at South East Motorcycle Hire, we’re confident that can be your company of choice when you wish to hire any of a range of motorcycles, for all manner of purposes.

We are a family business located just eight minutes from the M25 (J6) on the Kent border. Visit our website, and you’ll see that we offer an assortment of motorcycle models for hire that are both sought-after and affordable, encompassing the likes of the Triumph Tiger 800 XC, BMW F800GS, Suzuki GSX 650F, Fazer 800 and many more.

You will find rates on our website for when you wish to hire a certain bike for the period of a day, five days, a week or weekend. In addition, you have the option to hire certain accessories from us – so if you presently lack a suitable jacket, trousers, helmet, gloves or boots, to name just some of the available options, you seriously don’t need to look anywhere else.

What else makes us such great motorbike hire specialists?

As well as a generous selection of great motorcycles available for hire at affordable prices, we offer free European insurance and breakdown cover with unlimited mileage, for every bike that you rent from us. We can even arrange for the bike you hire to be delivered to anywhere in the UK you need it to be, and when you rent multiple bikes within a group, you have the option of participating in our ridesharing scheme that enables you to ride any of the bikes at no extra charge.

As is evident from the other entries on our blog, we’re a dab hand at making special memories for our clients here at South East Motorcycle Hire! That’s why, when you’re seeking your very best option for motorcycle hire in the UK, you really will struggle to do better than us.

Call us now on 01342 775008, and let’s enable you to enjoy some new and very special motorcycling moments that will linger in your memory for many years to come.