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Some useful quick maintenance tips for your hire bike

Darren Salter - Tuesday, March 06, 2018

You may only be hiring a motorcycle from us for a week, a weekend or even a day, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the maintenance aspects of motorbike use.

By following just a few of these simple practices, you can help to prevent any nasty shocks resulting from the poor maintenance of the bike you have hired from us.

Check the tyres

As the part of the motorcycle that is in contact with the road, the tyres are crucial from a handling perspective. However, they can also greatly affect the fuel consumption and therefore the amount you have to pay additional to the hire fee simply to keep the bike running.

Getting into a habit of routinely checking your hire bike’s tyres will enable you to spot any unusual wear and tear that can be a telltale sign of over or underinflated tyres. The tyre pressure and tread depth should also be checked regularly, even if there isn’t an unusual level of tyre wear.

Take a look at the oil and coolant levels

It’s a straightforward process to check the motorcycle’s oil level with a dipstick, plug or level window.

Keeping an eye on the coolant could also help to save you a lot of hassle later, and can be done based on the high and low marks on the outside of the tank. You will then be able to fill accordingly.

Look after the battery during the winter

The recent snowy conditions have led to many people taking advantage of motorcycle hire in the UK from us to ask what they can do to better look after their bike in the colder temperatures.

One aspect that we would suggest they pay close attention to is the battery, as when the temperature drops, its chemical reaction can be slowed down. The regular use of the bike will help to keep it charged, or you could use a trickle charger in your garage to assist in preserving the battery in the best possible condition.

Adjust the chain if needed

The chain is essential if you are to ride the bike at all, so the importance of checking it can never be overemphasised.

You should ensure that the chain can move up and down slightly when no one is sat on the motorcycle. The chain will tighten up when weight is placed on the bike, so it should be adjusted if it already feels too tight when you are inspecting it.

Lubricating the bike is also vital, with the lube being applied to the inside of the chain.

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